Heather II

228.00 SGD

This cabin-size, carry-on roller bag features 4 wheels with 360 spinner capabilities.

The portable trolley is removable which then converts this versatile bag into a haversack.
It not only has a top-handle which is long enough to go over the shoulders but there is also a zip pocket at the back for air-ticket and boarding pass.

The interior has Laptop, Umbrella and Water Bottle Compartment.
Its floral-printed lining inside lends a feminine touch to this bag.
Comes in black water-resistant smooth nylon fabric with leather accent.

Black Water-resistant fabric with leather

L32 x H37 x D15cm.
Height of Trolley Handle fully extended : 90cm

Water-resistant fabric (smooth nylon) with embossed leather
Black is pebble-grain leather
Pink/Red is lizard-embossed leather

Haslina Bte Supari

Haslina aspires to be a Fashion Bag Designer.
She would like the society to see her as well-respected individual who makes an honest living. She feels proud to be a member of the Product Design Team. Using her technical knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Haslina translates the design into functional and reasonable bags.
Your purchase of her design today serves to recognize her talent for beg design. You will be pleased to know that, besides having received design beg fees, Haslina will receive royalty for every bag sold under her collection. This will go a long way to build a sustainable income for Haslina and her family.

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